AETHERA ESSENTIALS - Alchemistic Art Of Wellbeing

AETHERA ESSENTIALS Inc. has developed a revolutionary method for analyzing subtle Energy Fields with human beings, pets and live stock. This proprietary system, in use since 1992 in Europe, shows exactly where energy is stuck. Negative emotions, called Energy Blockages, are the cause of disruptions in the body’s energy system and problems in life. To resolve these energy blockages and transform negative emotions, AETHERA Essentials is producing and selling SPAGYRIC REMEDIES from ancient Egypt, the so called AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES. For measuring the Energy fields, Aethera developed and patented a Spiral Pendulum, the so called CHI-TAO.

Company Background:

AETHERA Essentials Inc. is a company launched in Germany 1992 under the name AETHERA. AETHERA Essentials, Inc. is incorporated in the US since October 2009.

AETHERA ESSENTIALS Inc. wants to help people to find the right balance between their outer life of family, relationships, work and social obligations and the inner life of the unconscious. Our work helps one clarify their values and can lead to greater personal meaning.

Change can only happen by changing the way we feel. As the emotional wound or splinter remains unhealed, they begin to fester just as a physical splinter would. The result is pain - either in the physical body, and/or the mind. We believe that transformational Energy Medicine is the wave of the future. Everything that happens in nature is a precipitation of the interwoven and interconnected cosmos.

There is a living field between the particles of atoms that gives matter its form; this is the matrix of all matter. We have the power to influence that field. Ancient civilizations already know this, and the Western world is only beginning to wake up to this. Our goal is to educate and train humanity, especially women, to become aware of the origin of pain. We provide the key for a real relief from chronic pain, health problems and stress of any kind, obesity and eating disorders, addictions, depression or relationship problems. AETHERA ESSENTIALS Inc. is about finding the disconnections from the body, spirit and soul and how to reconnect them. Besides healing themselves and their family, women will also have an extra income through selling our products. We believe that women are the key to a healthy, wealthy and happy family.

Our Products:
We provide alchemical healing products and services, and plan to produce eight new products and services in the coming months and years.
Our 80 different AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES are spagyric Remedies. They have their roots in ancient Egypt and were created to relieve physical and/or mental pain by healing the emotions. AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES are the most powerful and effective, non-invasive, non-toxic Healing Remedies on the market.  They connect the conscious and subconscious by allowing conscious access to deeply held emotions that are normally kept hidden by the subconscious. AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES reconnect body, spirit and soul to oneness and assist the body to make changes in the nervous system (soul) by opening pathways held in the DNA.

Our Services:
Classes for health care practitioners, training-workshops for everybody who wants to become a certified Aethera Energy-Healing Practitioner (AEHP). Free Demonstrations for Radiesthetic Energy Readings and testing of Aethera Energy Essences in private home parties provide information, gain new clients and provide consultations.

Our Value:
Our products and services help our clients/customers transform symptoms before they show up in the physical body, as well as when they are already chronic. Our metaphysical education and health care programs help our clients/customers to resolve emotional problems like addictions, relationship issues, weight problems, depression, angst and anxiety, insomnia, and life transitions. We solve physical, mental and emotional problems experienced by adults, children, pets and livestock.

Our Industry and Markets:
Our markets are Alternative Health Care, Holistic Health and Wellness Centers, Spas, Holistic Pet Care Services, and emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children and teens. Our characteristics are that we don’t fight against symptoms, we transform them. We anticipate gradually expanding through going public over the next 5 years.

Our ideal customers are Holistic Health Care Practitioners, Holistic Pet Care Practitioners, adults and children of any age who wants to live an awakened, conscious, healthy and happy lifestyle, pet owners, people who are interested in holistic healing and making EXTRA INCOME.