AETHERA ESSENTIALS - Alchemistic Art Of Wellbeing


AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES are spagyric remedies and created to balance body, spirit and soul by transforming emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety, hatred, indecision, depression, addiction, and relationship or weight problems, etc. The advantage of spagyric remedies is that they contain the organic as well as inorganic elements.


The harmonizing and balancing qualities of spagyric essences differ from other plant remedies and aromatherapy oils because they not only include the plant’s energetic information but also incorporate the salt of the plant, from which all toxic matter has been purged.

Ingredients of Aethera Energy Essences:
The ingredients of AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES are exclusively spagyric treated plants which cleanse and purify the body, creating a healthy vibration of the cell structure.  Spagyric (Spaj-eye'-rik) is another word for "alchemy." The word “Spagyric” refers to the separation, purification and recombination process during which an essence is produced. Any dangerous components are entirely eliminated during manufacture. Spagyric essences are totally harmless, with no known side effects and do not interfere with any other treatments that the patient might be simultaneously taking.
AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES are blends from a variety of spagyric primary essences, after the method of Dr. Zimpel (German doctor, Carl Friedrich Zimpel (1801-1897).
Each 20 ml bottle contains a blend of 8 to 19 spagyric essences

What makes Aethera Energy Essences unique?

The method of preparation gives the essences an energetic dimension similar to homeopathy. The major difference between homeopathy and Spagyric, is that the preparation process is different. Homeopathy enhances the potential of the remedy by successive dilutions and vigorous shaking; in Spagyric the strength of the remedy is increased though the specific preparation process, and not by dilutions.
AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES will help you in transforming the influences in your life that you can't always process on your own. Whether it's a lack of personal energy, physical pain, or an emotional challenge, there are many ways to transform these issues. You are invited to try something transformative here for yourself, and see how it may help you achieve a more lasting balance in your life.
Because AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES are completely natural, it can take a little longer until recovery occurs and symptoms disappear. However, children and pets respond very quickly and the healing process is shorter.
Usage and choice
5-10 drops of AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCE can be taken 2-3 times daily as needed, under the tongue or applied to the skin. The basic 20 ml size lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. There are no known side effects when using Aethera Energy Essences.
You can choose Aethera Energy essences for your present life situation like your physical wellbeing through pendulum (Aethera Chi-Tao), Aethera cards, bio-tensor, muscle test, or you let your intuition guide you.


Aethera Energy Essences are not approved by the FDA and not be used as pharmaceutical medicine.